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At Ex-Change Parts, excellence is not just a goal – it’s our standard. Based on our customers´ requirements, we deliver tailored services of economical and sustainable solutions to helicopter operators and maintenance organizations in all parts of the world.

Our trusted Experts

As experts in helicopter spare parts, our specialty is providing top-tier components for Airbus and Leonardo models. Trust in our expertise for quality and efficiency.

Focus segments

Ex-Change Parts specialize in helicopter parts and deliver excellence in parts supply and services related to the same. To be able to do this in a structured way and call ourselves experts in all most critical items, we have divided our business into 9 different focus segments.

Explore our different focus segments below and take part of our comprehensive offerings and experience the perfect blend of reliability and efficiency for your helicopter operations!

Engines & Accessories

Helicopters are mostly powered by gas turbine engines, also known as a turboshaft engine with varying shaft horsepower.

Engines & Accessories. Read more

Dynamic Components

There are very few organizations in the world that have as many dynamic components for the larger Airbus platforms and AW139 in stock!

Dynamic Components. Read more


Down and up again! Yes, for many of our customers around the world, hoist operations are a crucial part of their mission.

Hoists. Read more

Main & Tail Rotor Blades

Chuff, Chuff, Chuff, maybe the most characteristic sound of a helicopter, is created by the blades, there are two sets of blades on a helicopter, main and tail rotor blades.

Main & Tail Rotor Blades. Read more


The situation you never want to happen, emergency situations! But in the unlikely event they do and you are above water helicopters are equipped with flotation systems.

Floats. Read more

AP Hydraulic Blocks

When the automatic pilot and stabilization function is selected by the pilot, movement control is ensured by the AP hydraulic unit.

AP Hydraulic Blocks. Read more


In the undercarriage segment, we include the framework underneath the helicopter that support the helicopter while on the ground!

Undercarriages. Read more

Servos & Actuators

The servo controls (Main & Tail) use hydraulic energy to reduce the loads required to operate the flight controls (Cyclic, Collective and pedals).

Servos & Actuators. Read more

Avionics & Instruments

Helicopter avionics, instruments and electronics are the components that provide pilots with essential information

Avionics & Instruments. Read more

About us

Industry Leading Ex-Change Parts celebrates 25 years.

Pioneering experience since 1957 from the infancy of helicopters, packed in a 25 year company.

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