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As experts in helicopter spare parts, our specially is providing top-tier components for Airbus and Leonardo models. Trust in our expertise for unparalleled quality and efficiency.


Helicopter, servos play a crucial role in controlling the helicopters various movable components, primarily the rotor blades.

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Fuel Control Unit

The Fuel Control Unit (FCU) in a helicopter is a crucial part of the engine control system, the FCU’s main function is regulating and metering the fuel flow to the engine, to maintain the proper air-fuel mixture for combustion within the engine.

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AP Hydraulic Block

When the automatic pilot and stabilization function is selected by the pilot, movement control is ensured by the AP hydraulic unit.

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Aircraft instruments are components that provide pilots with essential information about the aircraft’s performance, position, and systems.

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Helicopters are mostly powered by gas turbine engines, also known as a turboshaft engine with varying shaft horsepower.

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Dynamic components

Dynamic Components such as an Main Gear Box, transfers high power from the engine to the main rotor system.

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Aircraft avionics and electronics are the electronic systems and instruments used in aircraft for navigation, communication, surveillance, monitoring, and control, some examples are.

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Rotor blades

The main and tail rotor of a helicopter ensures stable and controlled flight.

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