Terms & Conditions

Exchange policy

Ex-Change Parts offer exchange units under either or both of two conditions:
Standard exchange: We quote a basic exchange price which includes normal overhaul parts and labour. Additional parts, reworks and labour required beyond normal overhaul are invoiced additionally. When applicable, we follow Airbus Helicopter standard exclusion conditions.

Fixed-price exchange: You have no further liability, except if you fail to return a core unit, or if core unit does not meet the conditions detailed below.

All exchange prices are quoted based on receipt of an acceptable core within 30 calendar days from invoice date. Acceptable cores are defined as units that are identically configured and equivalent in modification status to those provided on exchange. Core units are to be normal run outs and not subjects of severe stress or heat as in major engine failure, fire, crash, water submersion, cannibalization, incorrect repair, abnormal wear and fully complete and assembled. Core units must be accompanied by a removal tag displaying component details, life status and nature of defect or reason for removal. Where relevant, historical service records or log cards showing adequate history must be furnished. If core units are found beyond economical repair, and customer cannot supply an acceptable core in a timely manner, the outright sale price will apply. Outright sale being the sum of the exchange price and a core charge. In some cases, an up-front core deposit may be required.

Warranty policy

Ex-Change Parts offer a full refund for any unit which does not pass your incoming inspection within 30 days from the point of sale. This also includes units sold in AR (as removed) condition! All returns are to be approved by Ex-Change Parts and shipping charges are to be carried by purchaser.

Serviceable components, unless noted otherwise shall carry a three month or 200 flight hour, whichever occurs first, warranty from date of sale.

Overhauled components, unless noted otherwise shall carry a six month or 300 flight hour, which ever occurs first, warranty from date of sale.

Sales Terms and Conditions

Terms: Payment with order (unless prior terms arranged) through VISA, MasterCard, American Express or wire transfer. Quotation valid for 30 days (subject to prior sales). Shipping account required (unless prior arrangements agreed). Min PO 100 USD/EUR. EXW Borlänge, Sweden.

Return policy: Please note that our sale is to the customer named on the invoice and not to a subsequent customer. We accept return of units that do not pass our customers receiving inspection within 30 days from point of sale. Beyond this point items will be returned at our discretion and subject to a restocking fee on 20%. Any other returns or cancellation of orders will be subject to restocking fee of 20% , if not any separate agreement done before delivery of the order.

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