At Ex-Change Parts, excellence isn’t just a goal— it’s our standard. As the world’s leading supplier of helicopter spare parts, we’ve set an unparalleled benchmark in the industry.



Smart Database for essential spare parts!

Discover your required spare parts asking us for a quote. Our smart Database Searc. Experience seamless searches and find exactly what you need, effortlessly.

Purchase of your helicopters and inventory

Seeking to sell your helicopters, parts or tools?

This option is the fastest way to get a good financial return of your surplus inventory. You then sell the products you don´t need to Ex-Change Parts. We have years of experience in valuating, inspecting, and purchasing surplus inventories world-wide and will offer you a fair price and a smooth sales process.

Meet our Go-to-experts

At the heart of our services are our go-to experts, dedicated to providing specialized solutions tailored to your needs. With their deep expertise and commitment to excellence, they are ready to tackle your unique challenges and deliver outstanding results.

Tailored solutions for every scenario

Explore our extensive range of use cases, each showcasing tailored solutions for various scenarios. Our expertise spans across multiple applications, providing you with effective, customized approaches to meet your unique requirements and challenges.

Dedicated Customer Support: Your Success, Our Commitment

Our customer support team stands as your reliable partner, committed to excellence. With prompt responses, personalized assistance, and a deep understanding of your needs, they ensure your satisfaction and success in every interaction.

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