Ex-Change Parts expands its sustainable helicopter parts and services for Airbus Helicopter model EC135T1 customers


Sweden-based Ex-Change Parts AB, a world-renowned supplier of refurbished helicopter parts and services has extended its service range to include EC135T1, acquired earlier this year from Morocco. The helicopter was  airworthy but is taken for disassembly in Sweden where many parts already landed in the warehouse at Dala Airport.

The company primarily delivers high-value parts globally to the helicopter industry, where the stringent standards in the aviation aftermarket demand services, inspections, and certifications.

The reasons for acquisition of the EC135T1 model in the Airbus family:

Longevity and Fleet Size: Highlight the fact that the EC135T1 has been in service for a significant period, with many units still in operation globally. Its longevity in the market and the substantial fleet size mean a continuous need for spare parts.

Compatibility and Interchangeability: strong advantages of commonality and compatibility within the EC135 family. Many components and parts are interchangeable between various EC135 models, including the T1. This commonality simplifies inventory management and enhances ability to serve a broader customer base.

Ongoing Operator Support: Airbus Helicopters continue to provide support and service for the EC135 family, including the T1 variant. This ensures that operators can keep their helicopters in operation for an extended period, creating a sustained market for replacement parts.

Proven Reliability and Safety: The EC135T1 has a well-established reputation for reliability and safety. It is often chosen for critical missions like emergency medical services (EMS) and law enforcement due to its excellent track record in these demanding roles. This reputation ensures a steady demand for replacement parts to maintain the airworthiness and safety of these aircraft.

Göran Enström, Head of Business Development says: “With an already strong track record of collaboration within the network of major helicopter operators worldwide, Ex-Change Parts continues to expand its capacity, ensuring the core services required to meet the ever-evolving needs of its customers.

Ex-Change Parts AB is distinguished within the services sector for its extended capabilities, offering sustainability, cost-efficiency, and unwavering reliability to the end customer.

For more information, please contact:

Peter Lycke

Head of Sales Stockholm +46 739 449 082 Show email

Erik Edgren

Business Development Manager Stockholm +46 730 888 724 Show email

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