Viet Hoang Group

Based on our outstanding experience, I wholeheartedly recommend Ex-Change Parts’ services to other operators in need of reliable parts distribution, exceptional customer service, and top-notch engineering support.

Their commitment to excellence and professionalism makes them a trusted partner whom we are proud to collaborate with.

Kate Nguyen, CEO, Viet Hoang Group, Vietnam


Critical challenges included a substantial parts shortage, high procurement costs, extended fleet downtime, and inefficient maintenance schedules.
Our targeted approach to AeroDynamics' challenges involved streamlining their supply chain and enhancing parts availability.
Viet Hoang Group
Distributor of parts in aviation industry
200 Units increase in spare parts availability, ensuring smoother operations.25%
25% Reduced procurement costs
30% Improvement in maintenance turnaround times, boosting overall fleet efficiency.

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Peter Lycke

Head of Sales Stockholm +46 739 449 082 Show email

Kenneth Cheng

Sales Account Manager Singapore +65 967 400 09 Show email

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